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ACE Chemrod

TOSHA ACE Chemical Earthing Electrode (CHEMROD) has been developed for Earthing after a consistent R&D and is being Manufactured & Marketed. “ACE” chemrod. specializes in Engineering, manufacturing, installation, and testing of highly conductive, corrosion-free earthing system as well as lightening protection system.TOSHA CHEMROD is dedicated to provide innovative, cost effective and complete solutions for your grounding requirements. It is our responsibility towards our valued customers that they have the safest grounding system in place.

  • Tele communication Towers & Microwave antennas
  • Transmission & Distribution System
  • Substations & Power Generators
  • Transformer Neutral Earthing
  • Lightening Arrestor Earthing
  • Computer & Data Processing Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
  • Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
  • Remote & Central Office Digital Switches
  • Heavy Industries
  • Defense, Railways
  • Airport authorities
  • Banks, ATM,
  • Temple, Mosque, Church, Gurudawara
  • Others, where hi-tech earthing is required
  • Residential Buildings
  • Oil Refineries & Pump Stations

Over the years, we have developed an unrivaled expertise in the design, manufacturing, and installation of our revolutionary, state-of-the art corrosion free grounding system ideal for almost all type of soil conditions and environments. Our experience with thousands of applications has helped our customer to save money by preventing damage to costly equipment and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary downtime. We provide high quality dependable products and services in the electrical industry.The product is tested and certified by various independent testing laboratories like Central Power Research Institute (C.P.R.I.) Bhopal, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Delhi, Arya Bhatt Research Institute of Obeservational Science (ARIES) Uttrakhand, and othersDuring last few years of installations have proved the validity of this product by ensuring the earth resistance value at different sites. The above specification can be change at any time of the development of the ACE Chemical Earthing Electrode Chemrod.

1. ECO T – 19 2000
50 Strip G.I.
2. SCO T – 19 2000
50 Strip G.I. & Copper
3. ECO T – 39 2000
80 Strip G.I.
4. SCO T – 39 2000
80 Strip G.I. & Copper
5. NECO T – 19 2000
50 Bar G.I.
6. NSCO T – 19 2000
50 Bar G.I. & Copper
7. NECO T – 39 2000
80 Bar G.I.
8. NSCO T – 39 2000
80 Bar G.I. & Copper
9. NFCO T – 59 2000
60 Bar Copper

This ACE CHEMICAL EARTHING ELECTRODE performance is innovated and developed for better long life, comparing with claimed quality products available in the markets. Use of Salt & Charcoal has been banned as per PCB (Pollution Control Board) If the soil condition is rocky or sandy or in bad condition the TEC should be increased to pass the fault current in the Earth mass.The size & nos. Of Earthing Electrode should be recommended by your Electrical Advisors, Engineer. & contractors depending on your infrastructure requirement. Ohmic value depend on soil conditions where ever has to be used. Maintains moisture within the sphere of influence of electrode, the B.F.C. will cause the low soil resistivety around electrode, which results in a significantly lower earth resistance, could not that could otherwise be obtained using a conventional earth electrode installation.Provides cathodic protection for the electrode.Enhance the surrounding soil conductivity thereby making it more effective for high fault, noise, ripples, harmonics, neutral to earth unbalance and lightening current dissipation.The enhancement backfill material has special application with non-toxic enhancers to improve its durability and performance.

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