How To Create A Sharepoint Site In 5 Simple Steps

How To Create A Sharepoint Site In 5 Simple Steps

Below the title and URL is a field for the Site Description. A Site Description should inform the users of what the site is being used for and should be short and concise. It’s also important to consider the primary language for your SharePoint site. Your team site is available in 26 different languages, so you can select the Share point language that best suits your business. You’ll also need Admin Access to your Share Point console.

how to create a SharePoint site

Follow these steps to help expand your skills. How to create a SharePoint site in Office 365? After reading this post, you know how to create a team/communication site and create a classic site. Just choose one category based on your organization’s need to create.

In our article, you will learn about building a SharePoint site on your own. After getting started with SharePoint, you’ll probably want to learn more about how you can use it to improve communications and collaboration within your organization. Alternatively, you can go to an existing page, select + New, and select Start from a blank page.

Microsoft states an engineer will only access your data should a problem occur and when you raise a support ticket. Signing up took no effort, and you don’t need a Microsoft Outlook email address to create your SharePoint Online account, either. However, OneDrive and Lists do come with the package. In terms of online storage, each user gets 1TB of space. The first option, aptly named SharePoint Online , costs $5 per user per month and requires an annual commitment.

Document Sharing & Collaboration

A team site enables you and your organization to share files and collaborate on documents in one central hub. As a website-based collaboration system, SharePoint allows organizations to safely share data and customize sites for seamless collaboration. SharePoint is integrated with Microsoft 365 and it can also be used for document storage and management. Every developer wants to create a unique design that will differ from default templates for their specific purposes. To achieve that, you have to customize the look of your site.

how to create a SharePoint site

Once you select the type of document you wish to create, a new tab opens and you can begin to create content. As this is a cloud-based document management software, all your documents sync to the cloud and you can access them on multiple devices, including mobile devices. SharePoint is a document management software with Microsoft Office 365. The app is designed to help users create an organized document library and to send out widespread updates to users.

Step Three: Choose Privacy Settings For Your Site

Spaces are reminiscent of virtual reality online spaces. Here, you can use a range of Microsoft Office tools and invite others to collaborate inside them. may earn a small commission from some purchases made through our site. However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services.

By default, SharePoint uses security groups, so you can add users to these groups, but not directly to the site. Now you have to add the components that you’ve chosen before and configure them. They are the building blocks of your site, and they will help make the site more user-friendly. Then choose a necessary app from the list (library, calendar, contacts, tasks, image gallery, link, etc.), name it and click Create. Now you are ready for the practical part of developing a SharePoint site. Click Create site at the top of the page and choose the type from given options.

Via SharePoint, organizations can create their own Intranet and teams can create and add additional web parts to save multiple types of content. SharePoint adds default modules or web parts to the template you choose. Click Page in the top left corner, then click Edit. In each module, you will find a small drop-down menu in the top right corner, and there’s a Delete option. Repeat the action for every web part you need to clean. Once you’ve created your SharePoint site, there are many ways you can customize it to add functionality or change the look and feel to reflect your company’s brand.

I’m also looking for a more advanced tutorial, getting into more customization options/development tools, and third-party integrations. As you are a creator of the site, you are automatically a member of the owners’ group. In the Add additional owners box, you can include other people if you wish. They will get admin access and will be able to add changes and manage the page as well. Out-of-the-box SharePoint templates have a great number of components and functionalities.

  • You’ll need to know where your SharePoint site is hosted before you proceed with any further steps for creating a Share point site.
  • All the above features make SharePoint a hybrid communication and team site.
  • Below the title and URL is a field for the Site Description.
  • may earn a small commission from some purchases made through our site.
  • When creating a Share Point site, you’ll have two options.

You can upload contact cards, a document library and more. It’s intended to be more futuristic, but it honestly feels like a gimmick. When you’re satisfied with the initial settings, click create, and sharepoint will create your site. Sharepoint hub sites help you meet the navigational structures of your organization by connecting sites based on divisions and departments. Go to active sites in the sharepoint admin center, and select create. 7 rows centralized management of your branding.

SharePoint benefits those who predominantly use Microsoft programs. If you like creating document types with other brands, your workflow will feel less fluid and more time consuming when using SharePoint. Under site creation, select to show or hide the create site command. Activate the setting make this section collapsible.


Go to Site Settings, click on Quick Launch, then add links to the modules you have on your site and remove the idle links. Create additional pages and copy existing layouts or create a customized design. SharePoint 2019 provides fast, reliable file synchronization with OneDrive Sync Client, with support for both personal and team sites.

Headers also allow you to add a company logo or photo to the tops of your page. You can add your site logo to the page as well as a thumbnail that will appear in the browser version. Add users who only need access to the contents inside the SharePoint in the ‘Members’ section. This will ensure that they receive updates for the site and have access to the documentation. After you’ve chosen the kind of SharePoint site to create, it’s time to name the team site or communication site.

how to create a SharePoint site

If you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, you can use the search function to pinpoint the topic you’re looking for. Like we said, in terms of usability, Microsoft has done a top job with SharePoint. There’s Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan 1 and 2, and also a plan with an Office 365 package that’s bundled with other Microsoft programs.

Sharepoint Server Versus Online

Vera is an editor of the MiniTool Team since 2016 who has more than 5 years’ writing experiences in the field of technical articles. In her spare times, she likes shopping, playing games and reading some articles. If you want how to create a SharePoint site to share information that engages and informs viewers, choose to create a communication site. This can help to create portals or subject-specific sites and publish dynamic & beautiful content to persons in your organization.

You can organize and share information in one central location on your new team site, making it an ideal tool for all departments. It’s important to know the difference so you can choose the best SharePoint solution for your business. We would recommend using a Team in Teams due to SharePoint being a less team-oriented service. If you feel more comfortable using SharePoint or the website’s generation tools with built-in functionality, it is one of Microsoft’s lesser updated services. Once SharePoint opens, a pop-up to ‘Start designing your site’ will appear. Click ‘Next’ when finished with the previous steps.

Create A Classic Site

You can create additional pages for your website. Give it a title and click + to add content (video, documents, images, link, etc.). You can also add columns and sections to a page. By clicking Save and close, you save all changes.

After finishing creating a SharePoint site, you can add a list or document library, use filters to modify what you see, add a page, and add a web part. To know details, refer to the help document of Create a site in SharePoint from Microsoft. Is it easy to change privacy settings on a SharePoint site?

Or Click On + New Subsite In The Classic Sharepoint Site

When creating a Share Point site, you’ll have two options. How you plan to use Share Point will determine which kind you select. Is this site going to be a communication site? Or is this site going to be a document storage center? Regardless, this site will more than likely be a team site for your organization. Before you create a team site in SharePoint, you need to know that Share point is a web-based application.

The core difference is how other users engage with the content published to your SharePoints sites. You can use it as a space for collaboration or a space for communication. For the latter, think of it as your company intranet.

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